International Shipping (please read before ordering)

International Shipping

(Updated 9/30/19: International shipping is still a “thorn in the side”, but there is possible light at the end of the tunnel. We may have found a compromise and will be exploring options for limited quantity distribution with an old friend with a shop in London that would hopefully save on shipping costs to the UK and Europe. In the meantime, much of what is below still applies, unfortunately. With increased demand, other options will open up and everyone will benefit.)

Thought it might be best to give this its own post so it didn’t get lost in the “welcome message”. You may have had a look through the shop and even placed an item (or three) in your cart with the intent to place an order only to realize that international shipping costs are a bit steep. This pertains primarily to any orders (that include vinyl) being sent to a destination outside of North America (orders placed from Canada and Mexico are also slightly more than domestic US orders, obviously, but exorbitant). We wanted to stress to fans around the world that we are shipping at cost with no padding or markup and are actually taking a hit on packing and materials to try to help in any way we can. No one is less happy about these costs than we are and we’re trying to find a solution for the future.

The good news… we are still able to ship some items (CDs or shirts via “small packet” or similar) at what we feel are reasonably fair costs. 

The bad news… well, it’s more unfortunate than it is bad, is the “crown jewel” of the shop’s offerings, the limited edition white vinyl version of the EP (which on the bright side does include a download card, providing a unique one-time use code to access each of the tracks featured on the EP) is what causes the increased shipping charges. It’s a really very beautiful release in our opinion, with some nice touches and attention to detail we think you’ll love. Obviously, we’d like as many people to have it in their hands as possible… to experience taking it out of the jacket and custom black sleeve the first time! Ultimately it will be up to you if you feel it is worth the added expense, but we’re really happy with it. That said, the black vinyl is also really nice as well and it comes down to personal preference. 

So, while the music is ultimately most important (and will be available in digital formats), you may be a collector or decide you just REALLY want to treat yourself to the vinyl. What we would suggest at this time is to consider one of the bundles. The bundles are discounted and shipping is spread over multiple items (as it doesn’t increase much once the initial cost to ship vinyl is added). If you’ve got a friend nearby to split the cost with that may be something to consider, too. Regardless, thank you for your understanding and as always your interest and support.