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A Higher Power EP (~30 second previews)

by Alain Whyte

Take a couple of minutes (literally) and check out the songs on the all NEW A Higher Power EP. Like what you hear and want more? You can buy the songs individually or as an EP in the shop


A Higher Power (Bonus Acoustic Tracks)

by Alain Whyte

These are sample clips (~30 to 60 seconds) for the tracks included as part of the download only bonus tracks that are included with the purchase of the A Higher Power EP on vinyl. This is the only way these tracks are available and won’t be available to download separately for the foreseeable future.

Tracks include:
1. A Higher Power (acoustic)
2.Runaway (acoustic rockabilly version)*
3. The Edges Are No Longer Parallel (live)
4.The National Front Disco (acoustic)

*Runaway (features Gary Day… yes, THAT Gary Day on double bass).


LIVE at The Hotel Café (preview tracks)

by Alain Whyte

Just a sampling from the live at The Hotel Café gig from 9/20/19. If you like what you hear and want to hear all 16 tracks from the show, it is available HERE in the shop as a digital download.



The Experiment EP (1 minute samples)

by Alain Whyte

Please have a listen to one minute samples of each of the 4 songs appearing on The Experiment EP


The Experiment EP (acoustic bonus tracks)

by Alain Whyte

These are 1:00 previews. They are acoustic versions of songs that are available only as bonus tracks when purchasing The Experiment EP on vinyl during the pre-order period (ends at 12/28 at 11:59pm PST).

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