Kaos Records In-store acoustic show & signing... This Thursday!!

Just a heads up for those yet to hear about the upcoming in-store signing/acoustic performance this Thursday Dec 27 at Kaos Records in Covina, CA.

Alain will be showcasing tracks from his new record, “The Experiment EP”. He’ll also play a few other tunes, including a couple of songs he wrote for an old friend you probably know of. Special thanks go out to Ray at Kaos for hosting this event. He and the staff have been amazing. Thank you to all the fans for helping to promote and get the word out, as well. It’s going to be an amazing evening. We’re anticipating a good turnout, so don’t be late!

The plan…we’re looking to start at 8pm, beginning with the acoustic set, take a short break and then commence with the signing. Alain will be signing his new record for those that buy it that night. And as this all falls within the “pre-order” period (which ends Thursday night), each record that is purchased will also be accompanied by a special .download card that will provide access to the 4 bonus acoustic tracks that are part of the promotion (this is a second card, in addition to the standard one normally included with every copy of the vinyl. The regular card provides access to a digital download of each of the tracks as they appear on the EP). There will be 8 tracks total to download if you buy either version of the vinyl release. The bonus acoustic tracks won’t be available elsewhere for the foreseeable future after the pre-order period ends.

Again, thanks to all involved and hope to see you there. Also, please show Ray your gratitude by checking out his shop in the future. He’s got an unbelievable selection of shirts, CDs, records and other items by the coolest bands.